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Poems of Togetherness

Through this limited edition collection, designer and creative director of Cleopatra’s Bling, Olivia Cummings harkens back to the brand’s roots in Istanbul. In a capsule collection of lapis lazuli and carnelian pendants, hand carved and wire-wrapped in golden filament, she speaks to the stories, symbols, and myths of the Anatolian region.

The 20th Century Turkish poet Orhan Veli once wrote a Poem of Loneliness, describing in eloquent heartache the pain of lost connection. This collection’s Poems of Togetherness is a love letter to the joys of “being with”. Food, the seasons, the great spiritual mothers and fathers, poetry, history, and culture are all brought together in this series of limited edition pieces.
Bahar Pendant 18K Gold Plated
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Hamsi Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Lale Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Mergen Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Orhan Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Porphyrios Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Sama Pendant in Green Carnelian 18K Gold Plated


Sama Pendant in Lapis Lazuli 18K Gold Plated


Sama Pendant in Red Carnelian 18K Gold Plated


Yaprak Pendant 18K Gold Plated


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