Cleopatra's Bling Podcast

Hosted by Olivia

Host Olivia Cummings is the founder of the jewellery brand Cleopatra’s Bling.
Cleopatra’s Bling travels around the world, meeting fascinating creatives, craftsmen (and women) and cultural experts to inspire our artisanal collections. This podcast invites you into those intimate conversations which bring tradition and practices from the past into the present.

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About Olivia

Olivia is the founder of Cleopatra's Bling, a jewellery brand that was born from an adoration of travel, the etherial, and the symbolic.

Season 1

We couldn't be more excited for the launch of our inaugural season, produced by Lory Martinez at Studio Ochenta.

Olivia, Lory, and the team are bringing you more interviews with experts in the field of history, culture, design, and the stars.

After our first episode, in conversation with Ayurvedic astrologer Laura Plumb.  As a coach, trainer and lecturer, Laura combines ayurvedic history, culture and knowledge with health and wellness to help people better cope in the modern world.

Who we're bring to your ears

We will speak with Rona Hartner, muse of David Lynch. Her first role was in the 1997 film Gadjo Dilo starring alongside French star Romain Duris. As a dancer, musician, and performer she has been wowing audiences for decades.

Historian and expert on mermaids, Sarah Peverley joins us to discuss the shifting depictions of sirens throughout time and across continents.

Listeners will also have the delectable chance to learn about the Italian grannies keeping pasta-making traditions alive with Vicky Bennison, of Pasta Grannies.

Finally, Professor Paul Hepworth joins us from Istanbul to explain the intricate history of Ottoman-era carpet weaving, how, and in what form, it survives today.

Not only are we so looking forward to sharing this season with you, we want to hear from you what you'd love for Season 2. So send us your thoughts. We can't wait!


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