About Olivia

Cleopatra's Bling is at once an ode to the past and a celebration of the present. Founded in 2014 by the visionary designer, Olivia Cummings, it draws inspiration from the cultural heritage and timeless beauty of the Mediterranean and Middle East, as well as the verdant landscapes of Olivia’s Australian home.

Each mesmerising piece of ethical jewellery is a work of art, crafted by hand with passion and care, and imbued with ancient symbolism. From glimmering gold and silver, to precious stones, intricate beading, and enamel, every detail is an artistic feast for the senses. The artisans, from Turkey to Italy to India, breathe life into Olivia’s designs, braiding together cultural legacies with contemporary design sensibilities.

This ethos goes beyond simply the aesthetic: we treasure the past, but also our responsibility to preserve the future. Our commitment to ethics and sustainability runs deep, weaving a tapestry of tradition and innovation with a love for our planet.

The Demi-Fine range of 18k gold plated, Sterling Silver, and Vermeil offers both statement pieces and everyday jewellery, all of which is steeped with mythological storytelling and imagery.

For a bespoke experience, the Fine range of Sterling Silver and 14k and 18k Solid Gold, inlaid with luxurious stones, gives clients the ability to create heirloom pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime. The brand specialises in taking clients’ stories and infusing them in deeply researched symbols, carefully and ethically sourced gemstones, and poetic designs.

The extensive collections are akin to a painting that holds within it the stories of the ages. Each stroke of the brush is a meticulous detail, crafted with love and passion by skilled artisans. Every gem, every engraving, every bead that adorns it is a symbol, a tale to be told in a language beyond words.

As time goes on, each piece grows in beauty and value, becoming more than just a jewel, but a work of art that evokes emotions and memories, captivating all those who uncover our ancient treasures.