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Choose from a wide range of necklaces, from classic silver and gold pendant coins to our seasonal ranges of beaded, gem, and resin inlaid jewels. A gold pendant necklace for luxurious shine, or a sterling silver jewel for glittering, daily wear - the choice is yours.
Moon Face Mala 18K Gold Plated


Leto Necklace with Opal and Pearl 18K Gold Plated


Serabit Fortune Necklace in Turquoise 18K Gold Plated


Atlanticus Necklace in Lapis Lazuli 18K Gold Plated


Minuit Necklace in Lapis Lazuli 18K Gold Plated


Cowry Abundance Necklace 24K Vermeil

€174.99 €249.00

Carcharius Necklace 24K Vermeil

€153.99 €219.00

Capitoline Necklace 18K Gold Plated


Capitoline Necklace Sterling Silver


Eden Necklace with Pearl 18K Gold Plated


Handmade Cable Chain Sterling Silver


Handmade Snake Chain Sterling Silver


Laconia Necklace with Pearl 18K Gold Plated


Inci Nazar Necklace with Enamel 24K Vermeil


St Christopher Pendant with Enamel 18K Gold Plated

€76.99 €109.00

Melody Necklace in Jade 18K Gold Plated


Menvra Pendant with Jade 18K Gold Plated


Santuario Pendant with Amethyst 18K Gold Plated


Thalna Necklace 18K Gold Plated


Fra Angelico Pendant with Emerald 18K Gold Plated


Jahangir Pendant with Green Onyx 18K Gold Plated


Khepri Necklace with Lapis Lazuli 24K Vermeil


Quzah Necklace with Pearl 18K Gold Plated


Khepri Chain Necklace 18K Gold Plated


Diana Necklace 18K Gold Plated


Argus Necklace (with Aquamarine Zircon) 18K Gold Plated


Gorgoneion Protection Pendant Solid Gold


Kolovrat Pendant with Sapphires Solid Gold


Gorgoneion Amulet Pendant Solid Gold


Cybele Pendant Solid Gold


Ariadne Necklace in Amethyst 18K Gold Plated

€69.99 €99.00

Bradamante Pendant Sterling Silver

€62.99 €89.00

Mawia Pendant Sterling Silver

€48.99 €69.00

Dina Clarenza Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Dina Clarenza Pendant Sterling Silver


Banu Pendant with Aquamarine 18K Gold Plated


Khasi Necklace in Enamel Sterling Silver


Philia Pendant with Peridot Sterling Silver


Upala Pendant with Australian Opal Sterling Silver


Hesediel Pendant with Tsavorite Garnet Sterling Silver


Gauri Pendant with Rhodolite Garnet Sterling Silver


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