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Olivia was born a wanderer. Her roots were once planted deep in Melbourne’s fertile soil, where as a child she was surrounded by trinkets, loved by loyal pets and mesmerized by the family veggie patch. Crystals were a fascination from an early age; her treasure chest enough to make the most established of collectors envious. But Olivia’s overwhelming sense of adventure – that something else was always waiting to be discovered – drove her to exploration. Olivia’s family fed this sense of adventure,

whisking her away to unforgettable summers spent surrounded by Australian bush, white-sanded coastlines and pristine national parks. She knew she would always call Australia home, but something ached deep inside her. Then, after a year in Berlin when she was sweet sixteen, Olivia became enchanted by a spell of travel, culture, and people with a story to tell. She returned to Melbourne to finish school, but her roots had loosened.

She became enchanted with languages while studying at Melbourne University, but none more than French. After many trips back and forth across the Indian Ocean, Olivia finally moved to Paris. Her days were filled with wine and cheese, her vacations with adventures around Europe, India and Turkey. It was in Istanbul that her inner child surfaced. While exploring the markets with their colourful spice displays and dried fruit stalls, Olivia began collecting crystals again. This time she wanted to share not only her stones, but also her adoration of the ethereal, the symbolic,. Cleopatra’s Bling was born that day: a fusion of eastern allure and western style. Olivia managed it from her second home in Paris, visiting Turkey regularly to sip thick, black coffee with her jeweller and embrace all things bohemian. Despite her life resembling a fairytale, after six years in France, Olivia decided her Parisian life had almost come to an end. But everything happens for a reason – she embraced her independence, driven by the desire to introduce Cleopatra’s Bling to the world, and moved to Turkey. Today you’ll find Olivia in between Istanbul, Paris and Melbourne with a scarf in her hair, and a ring on every finger. Olivia strives to create jewellery with emotional and historical relevance, respecting ancient jewellery-making traditions.


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