Interview with the Designer

Olivia is the founder of Cleopatra's Bling, and the designer of each piece. For the release of our new SS20 Desert Rose collection, our team did a quick-fire interview, with some questions about the new jewels on offer, and the process of creating them.

 Why did you decide to call this collection Desert Rose?

I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the rose that blooms in the desert, ie in hardship, without shade and water. I think often women feel under pressure to keep every facet of their lives in order and as a result spread themselves thin. Women are a lot stronger than they give themselves credit for, and in hindsight I think I've learnt and grown the most in the challenging periods of my life. 

Your past collections have been strongly inspired by your time spent in Istanbul, which is such a melting pot of cultures and design influences. Was there a particular place that was the driving force behind this collection?

I think this collection was an accumulation of my time in Istanbul and Naples, a build-up of many ideas and interesting places visited, discoveries, art galleries perused, new concepts discovered. Naples and Istanbul are both so dynamic and visually inspiring, my aesthetic really developed living in both of these magnificent cities. 

You're working with jade quite a lot in this collection, for the first time. Why did you decide to work with jade, and what significance does this stone have?

Jade is known as a stone of purification. It also symbolizes gentleness. After a very fast-moving 13 years living overseas, I felt it was time for some gentleness.... it felt symbolic. The rich tone of jade is also more earthy than emeralds, another classic stone of the brand. 

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