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Choose from a wide range of necklaces, from classic silver and gold pendant coins to our seasonal ranges of beaded, gem, and resin inlaid jewels. A gold pendant necklace for luxurious shine, or a sterling silver jewel for glittering, daily wear - the choice is yours.
Gorgoneion Amulet Pendant Solid Gold


Cybele Pendant Solid Gold


Bradamante Pendant Sterling Silver


Dina Clarenza Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Dina Clarenza Pendant Sterling Silver


Banu Pendant with Aquamarine 18K Gold Plated


Philia Pendant with Peridot Sterling Silver


Upala Pendant with Australian Opal Sterling Silver


Hesediel Pendant with Tsavorite Garnet Sterling Silver


Gauri Pendant with Rhodolite Garnet Sterling Silver


Devana Pendant with Sapphire Sterling Silver


Santa Osanna Pendant with Diamond Sterling Silver


Atargatis Pendant Solid Gold


Demeter Pendant Solid Gold


Rusalki Pendant Solid Gold


Aegean Pendant with Amethyst Solid Gold


Handmade Cable Chain 18K Gold Plated


Handmade Snake Chain 18K Gold Plated


Nazar Boncugu Necklace 18K Gold Plated


Alcyone Pendant Solid Gold


Galene Pendant Solid Gold


Veles Pendant Solid Gold


Melusine Pendant Solid Gold


Oannes Pendant Solid Gold


Hadrian Necklace Sterling Silver


Drystan Pendant Sterling Silver


Artemis Pendant with Garnet Sterling Silver


Nazar Necklace Sterling Silver


Numina Pendant Sterling Silver


Numina Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Sacre Coeur Flames Pendant 18K Gold Plated


Sacre Coeur Flames Pendant Sterling Silver


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