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Olivia's Birthday Sale

Pick up the Arcadia Earrings and a matching Arcadia Necklace for only €100.


Step 1. Add an Arcadia Necklace and a pair of Arcadia Anassa Earrings to your cart. Earring colour of gold or silver can be the same as your necklace, or mix-and-match.


Step 2. Enter Code ARCADIA SILVER or ARCADIA GOLD, depending on the metal colour of your necklace choice, at checkout. 


Happy shopping!


Arcadia Anassa Earrings 18K Gold Plated

€119.99 €209.00

Arcadia Necklace 18K Gold Plated

€167.99 €279.00

Arcadia Anassa Earrings Sterling Silver

€119.99 €199.00

Arcadia Necklace Sterling Silver

€155.99 €259.00

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