Sicilian Sights

Olivia's photobook from the historical old town, including a visit to the Chiesa di San Cataldo, a local Teste di Moro dealer, the hanging gardens of each and every Italian balcony, and her tip for where to stay.

The Chiesa di San Cataldo was founded in the 12th Century. It was created at a time of great friendship between Christian and Muslim cultures in this region, when Norman Kings worked closely with Arab advisors, cooks, designers, and other employees, while also offering them protection and respect.

The church's design style reflects this pollination of ideas across cultures, featuring byzantine cupolas and archways.


 Balcony gardens never fail to inspire. In the apartment-dense cities of southern Italy, they are a green oasis among the stone.

While in Sicily, Olivia stayed at the Tonnara di Scopello hotel.  

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