Matera Photobook - I am a blade of grass

Io sono un filo d'erba

un filo d'erba che trema

E la mia Patria è dove l'erba trema.

Un alito può trapiantare

il mio seme lontano.

- Rocco Scotellaro

Eating out

Gelato here is as good as in Naples, and a must to try. I recommend Caffe Tripoli by the Piazza Vittorio Veneto for its old interiors and creamy treats.

Try Trattoria del Caveoso for fresh handmade pastas if you are looking for something more hearty.


The Enoteca dai Tossi allows you to experience the caves that make Matera so charming, while drinking a wide selection of local wines.


Getting to a high spot at dawn means that you can overlook Matera as the sun's first rays pass over the hillside. You will notice the traditional lanterns on each house being extinguished as the city wakes up for the day. Around noon it's worth taking a walk between the houses, each one stacked on top of the other, sometimes six or eight stories high, and built deep into the rock. These are built in a communal fashion around open ovens, where peasants would bake bread together and share the fruits of their labour.

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