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Almond milk porridge

Nov 27, 2015

I am not such a winter girl, I much prefer Summer and feeling the sun on my skin. 
However, I absolutely adore making the most of what Winter has to offer: a wealth of fabulous ingredients, cosy nights, hot drinks. 

For me this includes porridge. 

I make a delicious + light porridge for these chilly London mornings. Here is how:

(for two people)

soak two cups of organic oats overnight in almond milk + water

It is important to soak the oats so that digestion isn't tough. 

When you rise the next morning, cook on a very low heat until the porridge is of a thick consistency. Serve and add a spoon of raw tahini to each bowl, a slice of honeycomb and blueberries (or your Winter fruit of choice). I also add some turmeric powder for power in Winter. 


Enjoy xx




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