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Hommus + Beetroot Dip

Dec 30, 2014

For Christmas in Melbourne, the weather was 30 degrees and dry, so we put together a nice array of light vegetable dishes. I made hommus and beetroot dish that we ate with organic vegetable chips. 

Hommus recipe: 

400g of well-cooked chickpeas
a cup of unhulled tahini
two tablespoons of olive oil
one clove of garlic 
a handfull of fresh corriander
half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon
one squeezed lemon
some fresh lime rindthree tablespoons of natural yoghurt 

Blend and decorate with slices of lemon, and powdered cayenne pepper + cinnamon. Nom nom nom. 

Beetroot dip recipe:

Four beetroots, cooked whole until soft. 
a tablespoon of olive oil
a handful of fresh basil 
two cloves of garlic 
half a red onion
sea salt

Blend and serve

Happy last days of 2014, darling xoxo


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