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A DIY Christmas Wreath

Dec 10, 2014

Being in Australia for Christmas gets me nostalgic about my Childhood, Summer + native Australian plants. We have lots of wild sage, eucalyptus + other fabulous native plants in our garden so I made a special wreath for the family home. 


Here is how: 


Cut some long cuttings of sage, make sure you have some thick wood on the ends of the cuttings that will give the wreath some strength. Arrange them in the shape + size you want. 


Tie up the sage cuttings with some thick twine 

Choose some wild flowers and a kind of creeper plant to add 

Add in the eucalyptus cuttings, and add a layer of twine. Finally, decorate with the creeper plant of your choice and wild flowers 

Voilà! Hang up to create a lovely festive vibe 






A very happy festive season to you all. 


With love,




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