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New Moon Solar Eclipse

Apr 29, 2014

The focus for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 29, is similar to the Full Moon eclipse we had on April 15th. The ascendants are virtually the same and most of the planets fall in similar houses.... the energetic emphasis moves from “what are my values relative to your values?” to a clear statement of what YOU desire for yourself. What is right for us is right for us. It might not be right for the other person. That is okay. This New Moon is about you… and what you want. You are going to state clearly what you want to partner with going forward. You are going to plant your seeds for the next big chapter and encourage that energy to grow and blossom.... your desired statements and visions are answering to an Exalted Venus in Pisces. Dream a big dream. Envision your next chapter. Be careful that it is YOUR vision, not some other person’s vision of what your life should, could or would be. You are unique in the world. Only one of you! EVER! In all eternity! So get ready to go forward. Time will speed up at the end of the week, when Venus enters Aries so take the beginning of the week to focus on the dream and the rest of the week to get it moving out into the world. Notice how big the EARTH bar is in the Solar Eclipse chart… it is a chart of manifestation.


Keep loving and moving forward, my pretties 




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